Authoring Intelligent Tutoring Systems: An Analysis of the State of the Art

In IJAIED 10 (1): "Part II of the Special Issue on Authoring Systems for Intelligent Tutoring Systems"

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This paper consists of an in-depth summary and analysis of the research and development state of the art for intelligent tutoring system (ITS) authoring systems. A sevenpart categorization of two dozen authoring systems is given, followed by a characterization of the authoring tools and the types of ITSs that are built for each category. An overview of the knowledge acquisition and authoring techniques used in these systems is given. A characterization of the design tradeoffs involved in building an ITS authoring system is given. Next the pragmatic questions of real use, productivity findings, and evaluation are discussed. Finally, I summarize the major unknowns and bottlenecks to having widespread use of ITS authoring tools.