Adaptation in Open Corpus Hypermedia

In IJAIED 12 (4): "Part I of the Special Issue on Adaptive and Intelligent Web-Based Systems "

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Adaptive hypermedia courseware benefits from being distributed over the Web: content can always be kept up-to-date, discussions and interactions between instructors and learners can be supported, new courses can easily be distributed to the students. Nevertheless, adaptive hypermedia systems are - even in the web context - still stand-alone systems as long as they lack the ability to integrate and adapt information from arbitrary places in the web. In this paper we discuss the concept and realization of an adaptive educational hypermedia system which facilitates adaptation of distributed learning materials. The proposed system is based on an indexing concept for various information resources and a Bayesian Network engine for calculating estimations on a user's changing knowledge. It implements constructivist teaching approaches, establishes conceptual models for designing courses and enables guided tours, intelligent example retrieval and further adaptive navigation support. Advantages and problems in designing adaptive open corpus hypermedia will be discussed in a concluding section.