Web Delivery of Adaptive and Interactive Language Tutoring

In IJAIED 12 (4): "Part I of the Special Issue on Adaptive and Intelligent Web-Based Systems "

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Web Delivery of Adaptive and Interactive Language Tutoring. This paper discusses the inherent goals and trade-offs involved in the design of an efficient, robust Web tutor within the context of a working, hypermedia framework. The focus is on the German Tutor, an Intelligent Language Tutoring System (ILTS) that has been specifically designed for Web delivery. Web-based applications require a high degree of adaptivity and interactivity to address and serve the vast diversity of users in a timely fashion. Our approach emphasizes generality with errordetection algorithms that are not limited to a particular native language user group. Individualization is achieved through a dynamic Student Model that modulates feedback messages and provides remedial tasks suited to learner expertise. System performance and efficiency is enhanced using a modular system within a three-tier architecture. The ILTS has been used with several language classes and results will be reported making reference to the special requirements of efficient, adaptive hypermedia systems.