ELM-ART: An Adaptive Versatile System for Web-based Instruction

In IJAIED 12 (4): "Part I of the Special Issue on Adaptive and Intelligent Web-Based Systems "

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This paper discusses the problems of developing versatile adaptive and intelligent learning systems that can be used in the context of practical Web-based education. We argue that versatility is an important feature of successful Web-based education systems. We introduce ELM-ART, an intelligent interactive educational system to support learning programming in LISP. ELM-ART provides all learning material online in the form of an adaptive interactive textbook. Using a combination of an overlay model and an episodic student model, ELM-ART provides adaptive navigation support, course sequencing, individualized diagnosis of student solutions, and example-based problem-solving support. Results of an empirical study show different effects of these techniques on different types of users during the first lessons of the programming course. ELM-ART demonstrates how some interactive and adaptive educational components can be implemented in WWW context and how multiple components can be naturally integrated together in a single system.