Adding an Instructor Modelling Component to the Architecture of ITS Authoring Tools

In IJAIED 12 (2)

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The role of instructors as users/authors of ITS authoring tools is very important for the effectiveness of the produced ITSs. In order for authoring tools to benefit the most from the involvement of instructors, they should provide individualised feedback to them throughout the ITS's life cycle. In most cases the addition of an instructor modelling component to the architecture of an authoring tool may be very beneficial both for the quality of the ITSs to be produced and for the instructor himself/herself. Such an instructor modelling component could acquire information about instructors' preferences, interests and usual activities concerning the courses they author. In addition, it could acquire information about the instructors' level of expertise in particular domains as well as in the authoring process itself. In return it may use this information to increase adaptivity and provision of help to the instructor's needs. The main aim of this paper is to show that an instructor modelling component would be beneficial to all ITS authoring tools. Therefore, we have reviewed the literature and discuss the role that an instructor modelling component could have played in existing authoring tools if it had been incorporated into them. In addition, this paper also describes how an instructor modelling component has been incorporated in an authoring tool that we have developed, which is called WEAR.