Using Case-Based Reasoning in Instructional Planning. Towards a Hybrid Self-improving Instructional Planner

In IJAIED 11 (4)

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This paper presents a new approach, based on the Case-Based Reasoning technique, which is useful to enhance Intelligent Tutoring Systems with learning abilities. Case-Based Reasoning is a recent paradigm for problem solving that has an inherent learning capability. So we integrate a Case-Based Instructional Planner within existing Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) to enhance the pedagogical component with learning capabilities. In this way, the enhanced tutors combine the Case-Based Instructional Planner with a more conventional one in order to obtain a robust hybrid instructional planner. Thus, the resulting ITSs become self- improving systems that exhibit two kinds of learning: learning from memorisation and learning from their own experiences. In this paper a framework for developing case-based instructional planners together with a hybrid approach for connecting such planners to existing ITSs are presented. The methodology to perform that integration is also described. Finally, the results of the formative evaluation of a hybrid self-improving instructional planner using simulated students are pointed out.