Evaluating the REDEEM Authoring Tool: Can Teachers Create Effective Learning Environments?

In IJAIED 14 (3)

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The REDEEM authoring environment allows teachers to create learning environments from existing computer-based training (CBT) by imposing their pedagogical preferences about how students should best be taught. We conducted two studies where classroom teachers constructed learning environments with REDEEM from pre-existing CBT to explore if this approach is educationally effective. Using a crossover design, the learning outcomes for 14-16 year old students who studied Genetics with these environments (either a REDEEM then CBT course or vice versa) were compared. In the first study, we found that performance of 74 students improved significantly but was not influenced by type of environment. Inspection of process data revealed that students who engaged with REDEEM's features did learn more. In the second study, conducted in a more natural context, a further 15 students completed the courses. REDEEM significantly improved learning compared to CBT. Analysis suggested that REDEEM enhanced performance by supporting additional interactivity but that macro-adaptation did not appear to impact upon learning. Possible interpretations of these results are discussed in the light of the many evaluation issues for authoring tools.