An Intelligent Tutoring System for Entity Relationship Modelling

In IJAIED 14 (3)

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The paper presents KERMIT, a Knowledge-based Entity Relationship Modelling Intelligent Tutor. KERMIT is a problem-solving environment for the university-level students, in which they can practise conceptual database design using the Entity-Relationship data model. KERMIT uses Constraint-Based Modelling (CBM) to model the domain knowledge and generate student models. We have used CBM previously in tutors that teach SQL and English punctuation rules. The research presented in this paper is significant because we show that CBM can be used to support students learning design tasks, which are very different from domains we dealt with in earlier tutors. The paper describes the system's architecture and functionality. The system observes students' actions and adapts to their knowledge and learning abilities. KERMIT has been evaluated in the context of genuine teaching activities. We present the results of two evaluation studies with students taking database courses, which show that KERMIT is an effective system. The students have enjoyed the system's adaptability and found it a valuable asset to their learning.