ELM-ART – An Interactive and Intelligent Web-Based Electronic Textbook

In IJAIED 26 (1)

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Adaptive hypermedia, Adaptive learning environment, Intelligent Tutoring System, Learning programming


This paper present provides a broader view on ELM-ART, one of the first Web-based Intelligent Educational systems that offered a creative combination of two different paradigms - Intelligent Tutoring and Adaptive Hypermedia technologies. The unique dual nature of ELM-ART contributed to its long life and research impact and was a result of collaboration of two researchers with complementary ideas supported by talented students and innovative Web software. The authors present a brief account of this collaborative work and its outcomes. We start with explaining the “roots” of ELM-ART, explain the emergence of the “intelligent textbook” paradigm behind the system, and discuss the follow-up and the impact of the original project.