Understanding and Predicting Student Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in Game-Based Learning Environments

In IJAIED 23: "Best of ITS 2012"

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Self-regulated learning behaviors such as goal setting and monitoring have been found to be crucial to students’ success in computer-based learning environments. Consequently, understanding students’ self-regulated learning behavior has been the subject of increasing attention. Unfortunately, monitoring these behaviors in real-time has proven challenging. This paper presents an initial investigation into self-regulated learning in a game-based learning environment. Evidence of goal setting and monitoring behaviors is examined through students’ text-based responses to update their ‘status’ in an in-game social network. Students are then classified into SRL-use categories. This article describes the methodology used to classify students and discusses analyses demonstrating the learning and gameplay behaviors across students in different SRL-use categories. Finally, machine learning models capable of predicting these classes early in students’ interaction are presented.