Reflections on the KVL Tutoring Framework: Past, Present, and Future

In IJAIED 16 (3)

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One of the great pleasures of working in a rapidly changing field is watching it grow and mature. With an auspicious beginning in the late 1960s, the field of AI in Education has evolved from a gleam in its founders' eyes to a well established discipline with an active scientific community that has produced an imposing literature. Now with more than three decades of experience under its belt, it is a good time for us to pause, take stock, and reflect on what works and what does not. We are most fortunate that Kurt VanLehn has done precisely this. He is particularly well suited to the task. Having led many of the key AI in Education projects spanning much of the history of the field, he has an excellent vantage point from which to observe the evolution of intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) first-hand....