UMPTEEN: Named and Anonymous Learner Model Access for Instructors and Peers

In IJAIED 17 (3): "Special Issue (Part 2) "Open Learner Models: Future Research Directions" "

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Recently, opening the learner model to the learner it represents has become more common in adaptive learning environments. There have also been systems that allow instructors access to the learner models of their students, and a few examples of systems which open the learner model to the student's peers. However, little investigation has taken place into students' attitudes to viewing the learner models of others, and their likelihood of making their own models available for inspection by others. The UMPTEEN approach was developed in order to investigate students' views about releasing their learner model more widely, and to observe how they use their own and peer models. This paper presents the first results from a lab-based study of an open learner model that can be optionally opened to others, in named and/or anonymous form. Results suggest that there are sufficient students interested in viewing peer models, and sufficient students willing to open their learner models to instructors and peers, to make further studies worthwhile.