Analysing Educational Dialogue Interaction: Towards Models that Support Learning

In IJAIED 12 (1): "Part II of the Special Issue on Analysing Educational Dialogue Interaction"

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The motivation for this special issue on analysing dialogue interaction was provided by the oneday workshop with the same title held at AI-Ed '99 in Le Mans. From this workshop a number of common themes and issues emerged. The call for papers for this special issue was based around these themes: • valid and reliable approaches to identifying dialogue structures and features • the role of dialogue in learning as evidenced by dialogue analysis • computational models of dialogue in Intelligent Educational Systems (IESs) • applications of dialogue analysis to Computer Mediated communication (CMC) and Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) Responses to the call exceeded expectation and, as a consequence, the special issue has had to be published in two parts. It seems that research in this field is now not only timely but necessary to the design of interactive systems that support learning and the evaluation of CMC in learning contexts. This editorial attempts to present an overview of the issues raised by papers in the special issue.