A Multimedia Authoring System for Crafting Topic Hierarchy, Learning Strategies, and Intelligent Models

In IJAIED 8 (1)

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Intelligent computer-assisted learning environments usually involve complex strategies to help students learn a subject domain, possibly with simulated or human companions. The design and implementation of such systems rely much on the powerful features of multimedia authoring systems. Traditional authoring systems can present instructional content in dynamic ways with hypertext links, which implement the instruction strategies (or learning strategies from the student's perspective). However, they generally lack tools for organizing the instructional content and for viewing and editing the organization. Although some systems can use a network model to organize the content materials, this approach embed explicit hyperlinks in the materials. We, as well as some other researchers, argue that authoring tools should organize instructional content and build dynamic learning strategies independently. Based on this observation, we have designed and implemented an authoring system whose pyramid architecture separates the learning strategies from the content organization so that modifying one would not affect the other. Moreover, the system‘s script language is LISP, which is powerful for implementing intelligent models used in learning systems. The system is called GETMAS---Goal Episode Tree Multimedia Authoring System.