REDEEM: Exploiting Symbiosis Between Psychology and Authoring Environments

In IJAIED 8 (3): "Special Issue on Authoring Systems for Intelligent Tutoring Systems "

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Although Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) have been shown to be effective in a number of domains, they are still rarely found outside the laboratory. Authoring environments that speed up the proces of ITS s development provide a partial solution to this problem. However, we propose that to be truly effective, authoring environments must be based on a psychologically plausible account of teaching. In this paper, we describe how the authoring environments can exploit the symbiotic relationship between psychology and authoring environments, which in turn leads to potential advances not just in instructional practice through the deployment of better tutoring systems, but also in instructional theory. This is illustrated by a description of the REDEEM software suite. As authoring environments are crucially dependent on teachers' expertise, we outline how REDEEM can be used to explore that expertise and even improve it.