The IRIS Shell: "How to Build ITSs from Pedagogical and Design Requisites"

In IJAIED 8 (3): "Special Issue on Authoring Systems for Intelligent Tutoring Systems "

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The goal we pursue in our research is to build a shell for helping human instructors to develop intelligent teaching-learning systems in a wide range of domains. We aim to provide a system where a previously defined architecture can be adapted automatically into a new tutor using a set of instructor-generated requirements. Trying to provide a sound basis for this tool, we use a theory of instruction that integrates cognitive processes, instructional events and instructional actions within a three- level framework that relates them. In this paper we extract, through the analysis of both the cognitive theory and the generic architecture, the requirements of the different components of a tutor and integrate them in IRIS (IRakaste-Ikaste Sistema; Teaching-Learning System), a shell for building teaching-learning systems. Moreover, we embed these requirements, cognitive principles, and design requisites in a shell in order that human instructors can follow them easily. Various design issues and an example of building a tutor for mathematical differentiation using IRIS are presented.