Anchored Interactive Learning Environments

In IJAIED 8 (2)

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Advances in computer technology and multi-media systems have led to widespread interest in computer-based instruction and learning environments. The use of video, animation, graphics, and simulation allow the presentation of material in realistic contexts, thus addressing the problems of inert knowledge while promoting constructive and generative learning. But the true potential and benefits of these systems are yet to be realized. Cognitive studies on learning and transfer suggest that concepts acquired in a single context often remain coupled to that context, and are not readily transferred and accessed in other problem solving situations. These findings point to the limitations of traditional, single-context, computer-based instructional environments. This paper introduces an emerging architecture for instruction and learning, Anchored Interactive Learning Environments (AILE). AILE extend well-developed theories of educational practice into the domain of computer assisted instruction. The resulting computer-based environments facilitate sustained learning by active learners. The design and implementation of AdventurePlayer, an Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) anchored in the Rescue at Boone's Meadow (RBM) episode from the Adventures of Jasper series is presented. An experimental study demonstrates the effectiveness of this system in the trip planning domain.