Error-Based Simulation for Error-Visualization and Its Management

In IJAIED 9 (1)

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Behavior simulation is an effective method to visualize the meaning of mechanical concepts and has been applied in many computer-aided education systems. These simulations are not useful, however, for a learner who has already formulated an erroneous equation. In order to help the learner to recognize and correct the error, simulating the erroneous equation is a promising method. In this paper, we propose Error-Based Simulation (EBS) which reflects an erroneous equation a learner gave in solving a mechanical problem. We have developed a prototype system which generates EBS by changing the value of "velocity" or "acceleration" of an object by using an erroneous equation. In EBS, the object behaves in a strange manner. The differences between EBS and normal simulation illustrate the error clearly. EBS, however, is not always effective for a learner to recognize and correct an error. The effect depends on how strange it behaves. Therefore, diagnosing the behavior of EBS is very important to use it adequately. In this paper, we also describe a framework for managing EBS with qualitative reasoning techniques.