A Framework System for Intelligent Support in Open Distributed Learning Environments

In IJAIED 9 (2): "Special Issue on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning "

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Recent trends in the design of learning support systems are characterized by considering group interaction, by combining intelligent support with interactive learning environments, by providing reusable domain-independent components, and by using agentstructured architectures. Taking these trends into account, an open framework system has been developed for integrating distributed intelligent support components with an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Work in shared activity spaces with synchronized objects is facilitated by a specific user interface library and communication server. A modular architecture allows for flexibly plugging in intelligent components, e.g. for knowledge assessment and diagnosis, individual feedback, multiple student modeling, or simulated students as a partner. The intelligent subsystem is organized as a cluster of student modeling agents and is inspectable through a WWW interface. Our approach is exemplified by several applications, one providing individual feedback for physics exercises, a second one supporting the teacher in supervising a group of students in a math class, and, thirdly, a generic tool based on card networks for diverse domains.