Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference Series (AIED)

The International AIED Society organizes a biennial AIED conference, which is the main forum for reporting the best international research in the field of AI in Education. The conferences provide the opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas on related research, development and applications. Society members receive reduced registration rates for AIED conferences. AIED 1997 was held in Kobe, Japan; AIED 1999 was held in Le Mans, France; AIED 2001 was held in San Antonio, USA; AIED 2003 was held in Sydney, Australia; AIED 2005 was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; AIED 2007 in Los Angeles, CA; AIED 2009 in Brighton, UK; AIED 2011 in New Zealand; AIED 2013 in Memphis, TN; and AIED 2015 in Madrid, Spain. The next AIED Conference (in 2017) will be held in the Philippines.